• Dress Code

  • The Saint Louis Club strives to retain the traditions that the Club was founded upon while blending in with the current business environment. Club by-laws require that all members and guests be attired appropriately when using Club facilities. With this concept in mind, please refer to the guidelines in House Rule #20 as stated below.

    In the Saint Louis Room on the 15th floor gentlemen must wear jackets at lunch and dinner; ties are optional. Comparable attire for women is a dress or a business suit (skirt or pants suit). This attire is also appropriate for Seafood Buffet nights. Denim is not permitted on the 15th floor.

    In the Back Door dining room, the Lounge and Bar on the 14th floor, and any private room on the 14th floor, business casual attire is appropriate at all times. Business casual attire is defined as collared shirts and pants for men and comparable attire for women. Business-appropriate denim may be worn in these areas. Business-appropriate denim is defined as dark in color, not faded, neat, and clean with no holes or rips. White denim slacks are acceptable for women.

    At Club events, unless otherwise noted on the event invitation, men are required to wear a jacket and tie, with comparable appropriate attire for women. Exceptions to this rule include family events, field trips, and costumed themed events.

    Torn, faded and ripped jeans or denim, shorts, t-shirts, athletic shoes or athletic wear of any kind, sports sandals and collarless shirts for men are unacceptable attire. This applies to all floors and to individuals of all ages.

    It is the responsibility of the member to notify his or her guests of the acceptable attire permitted in the area of the Club where they will be entertaining. Thank you for adhering to the standards of the Club.

  • À la Carte Dining Policies

  • All electronic devices must be kept on silent mode while on Club premises. The audio use of handheld telephones is prohibited in the a la carte dining rooms, public corridors, elevator lobbies and cocktail lounges. Handheld telephone use is permitted in private dining areas, restrooms and the Club phone booths

    The display, on a dining table, of briefcases, laptop computers, excessive business paperwork, architectural plans and the like are prohibited in the a la carte dining rooms and lounges. Silent use of tablet computers, personal digital assistants, smart phones and electronic readers is permitted in a la carte dining areas provided such electronic devices are handheld or placed flat on the table. Members and guests are permitted to conduct full business in the private dining rooms.

  • Smoking Policy

  • In accordance with the ordinance approved by the City of Clayton, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Saint Louis Club. This includes all public, private and back-of-the-house areas.